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Eastern Europe Part 5: Back in Germany 🇩🇪

Day 9-11: Salzburg 🇦🇹 > Munich 🇩🇪 > Singapore 🇸🇬

Continuing Day 9
Travelled from Austria to Germany
Germany: Munich
Hotel: NH Ingolstadt (4*)

Munich, 4.47pm: Arrived in Germany after a couple of hours’ from Salzburg, Austria.
Munich: Walking to Marienplatz Square.
Munich: Such grand architecture at Marienplatz Square.
Munich: A closer look at the intricate details.
Munich, 5.28pm: When in Germany, it’s a must to feast on some pork knuckles! We went to a pretty popular restaurant, Donisl, which was highly recommended by our guide.
Munich: I absolutely LOVE the way the Europeans cook their cabbages. So soft and tasty!
Munich: You have to request for a token to enter the bathroom. This is to deter the public from randomly using their facilities.
Munich: The interior of the restaurant. Felt like a grand dining hall.
Munich: Admiring more architecture.
NH Ingolstadt and their spacious rooms!! Their bed for one is bigger than most of the other hotels! This was the best stay during the whole trip.

Day 10
Germany: Munich
Departure to Singapore

Munich: Breakfast!! Yummy croissants.
Munich: Cheesecake for breakfast?! Yes, yes, YES!
Munich: Snuck in a Toblerone ice cream before checking out. A tad too sweet for me. I’d prefer eating the chocolate bar.
Munich, 11.26am: The whole lot of us headed to Ingolstadt Village for some factory outlet shopping and to kill time before our flight at night.
Munich: Lunch at an Italian place. Forgot the name of the place and can’t be bothered to remember it simply because even though they have good pizzas, their service is absolutely horrible.
Munich: Tomato soup, yum!
Munich: The pizza crust is SO GOOD. Crispy and you can taste the ‘charred’ taste.
Munich: Rocket + cheese pizza!
Munich: Just look at that goodness. Also, I liked that their pizzas weren’t pricey. They were affordable and of good quality.
Munich: Sunset view on the way to the airport.
Munich: Filling our tummies with a little currywurst before boarding the plane.

& that’s the end of my Eastern Europe experience!

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Till the next adventure!


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