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Eastern Europe Part 3: Slovakia 🇸🇰 & Hungary 🇭🇺

Day 5-7: Bratislava 🇸🇰> Budapest 🇭🇺

Continuing Day 5
Travelled from Czech Republic to Slovakia for a night’s stay to break up the drive to Hungary. Because it was more of a stopover, we didn’t get to see much of Slovakia.
Slovakia: Bratislava
Hotel: Hotel Bratislava

Bratislava: View of Bratislava Castle from the bus.
Bratislava, 7.45pm: Dinner at yet another Chinese restaurant…
Bratislava: Turned out to be a buffet which I absolutely didn’t mind!!! I think it was about €11 without a drink (~SGD16.70) and €12 with a drink (~SGD18.30). Worth it!
Bratislava: The cold stuff! This section was where you pile on what you want to be cooked and their chef will whip it into a dish for you.
Step 1: Pick the food you want to eat.
Step 2: Pick your sauce, take the corresponding clip and clip it to your plate.
Step 3: Bring it to the chef’s corner.
Step 4: Wait for the food to be brought to you and dig in!
Hotel Bratislava – one of the largest convention hotels in Bratislava. Their rooms are pretty spacious!

Day 6
Slovakia: Bratislava
Hungary: Budapest
Hotel: Mercure Budapest Korona Hotel (4*)

Bratislava, 7.20am: Because Hotel Bratislava is a business hotel, there are lots of people staying and the breakfast area is PACKED at 7am onwards. We were lucky to get a table cause my parents went down slightly before 7am.
Bratislava: View from the hotel room – looking into people’s homes.
Budapest, 12.07pm: Atop Gellért Hill – overlooking the Buda (old Town) and Pest (new Town).
Budapest, 12.37pm: Free & easy time in Pest! Also known as time-for-you-to-find-your-own-lunch.
Budapest: Squeezing in some time for shopping.
Budapest: I’m in heaven!!!
Budapest: Bought me 5 shampoo bars because they are ridiculously priced in Singapore. 1 bar is about SGD26.50 but in Budapest it was between SGD12-14!!!
Budapest, 2.22pm: Starting the tour to the Chain Bridge, Castle District, Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion.
Budapest: Matthias Church – a grand structure that is one of the finest churches in the city (Google for more info, I’m not big on architecture and history).
Budapest: Stunning views surrounding the Fisherman’s Bastion.
Budapest: Overlooking the two cities of Budapest – Buda (foreground) and Pest (background) – separated by Danube River.
Budapest: More views.
Budapest: & even more views.
Budapest, 4.16pm: Arrived at Heroes’ Square.
Budapest: Apparently days before there were protests here regarding the new labor law and I was secretly wishing we could catch some of the action. But because it was really near Christmas, the protesters stopped protesting.
Budapest, 4.50pm: Going for a cruise down Danube River! (In the freaking cold!!!)
Budapest: The Hungarian Parliament Building.
Budapest: If their parliament building looks like this, can you imagine how much grander castles would look like?! It’s indeed a beautiful cruise down the Danube River but doing it in the winter is just way too cold to fully enjoy yourselves. After being out on the deck for a while, I spent most my time huddled inside the boat.
Budapest, 6.26pm: Time for our Hungarian Folkshow Dinner at Borkatakomba Restaurant!
Budapest: Such a beautiful dining hall. I felt just a little like royalty.
Folk music by the musicians. The singer can sing Chinese songs! (Must be the need to please the influx of Chinese tourists)
First: Soup! (Goulash, I think)
Second: Pickled vegetables! But I don’t eat most of the stuff there…
Second: Don’t mean to waste food but I really can’t appreciate/stomach all these.
Some lucky ones get to help ‘cook’ our dinner.
Third: Main dish! This was pretty nice. I enjoyed it. It was chicken, some sort of pasta but not really, and we couldn’t figure out what the brown ones were. It was like a mix of quinoa and barley.
Fourth: Dessert! I thought this was ice cream and I was so happy! Turned out to be whipped cream and a biscuit underneath… BOOOO.
The dinner was entertaining with the music, folklore dances and singing! I had fun and would recommend it! It’s a nice and different way to experience part of the Hungarian culture.
Mercure Budapest Korona Hotel: WORST HOTEL during the whole trip! 4* my ass. We weren’t told our room was in the extended wing – lugged our tired asses back and forth trying to find the room; room is SMALL – hardly enough space to lay 2 luggages on the floor. My brother had to stack his on a rack. Cups in the room were NOT CLEAN – there were lipstick stains on it. SO many problems. I really disliked my stay there and was glad it was only a night.

I enjoyed my time in Budapest although it was only a day. I would like to go back to explore Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary more (not anytime soon), especially Prague! Although, I had the most fun in Austria. That’s a beautiful country that’s not to be missed, especially if you love Sound of Music!

With that, coming up next… Christmas in Austria!

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