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Eastern Europe Part 2: Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Day 3-5: Nuremberg 🇩🇪 > Karlovy Vary 🇨🇿 > Prague 🇨🇿 > Cesky Krumlov 🇨🇿 > Bratislava 🇸🇰

Day 3
Travelled from Germany (Nuremberg) to Czech Republic the day before
Czech Republic: Karlovy Vary, Prague
Hotel: Hotel Duo (4*)

Karlovy Vary, 11.30am: Christmas market! Reached after a semi-long bus ride from Nuremberg, Germany.
Karlovy Vary: First Trdelník (chimney cake) of many from a random stall. It wasn’t as warm and toasty as I’d like it to be.
Karlovy Vary: One of the bathhouses in the spa town.
Karlovy Vary: Beautiful little town.
Karlovy Vary: Shopping centers – our safe haven from the 2°c weather.
Karlovy Vary, 1.30pm: Lunch in a random café. Criteria: authentic Czech cuisine.
Karlovy Vary: The Old Bohemian Farmers Plate – roasted duck leg, lamb shank, 1/2 pork shank, sausage, pork ribs, served with vegetables and variation of dumplings.
Karlovy Vary, 2.34pm: TIme for dessert!
Karlovy Vary: 2nd Trdelník of the day! This time it came with ice cream 😋 I love it!
Prague, 7.15pm: Coach ride from Karlovy Vary to Prague to stay for 2 nights.
Prague: Dinner at 6.30pm, at a Chinese restaurant……………………
Prague: Ate at Cinska Restaurant. Food was alright. Just not pleased that it was Chinese 😕
Hotel Duo, Prague: Accommodation for 2 nights. Room was decent, I had a comfortable stay. It felt like it was suited more for businessmen. 

Day 4
Czech Republic: Prague
Hotel: Hotel Duo (4*)

Prague, 9.45am: Entering the grounds of Prague Castle. First stop of a walking tour to monumental spots such as St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square.
9.52am: The exterior of St. Vitus Cathedral – a 2-min walk from Prague Castle.
Prague: Inside St. Vitus Cathedral. Pictures don’t do its grand architecture justice. Well, my pictures rather.
Prague: A rare shot without swarms of tourists.
Prague: Stunning architecture of St. Vitus Cathedral.
Prague: Continuing the scenic walking tour to Charles Bridge.
Prague, 12.12pm: On Charles Bridge, en route to Old Town Square.
Prague, Old Town Square: Hordes of people (mostly tourists) waiting for the Astronomical Clock to um, strike.
Prague, 12.30pm: Lunch at a local Czech place – Pilsner Urquell Art Restaurant.
Prague: Free and easy time till re-grouping again at night.
Prague: Huge ass mascot. Like really HUGE.
Prague, somewhere between Charles Bridge and Old Town Square: More Trdelník!!!
Prague, 6.22pm: We walked past this store earlier in the morning and I HAD to go back cause I needed to eat the mac and cheese! This was 149Kč (~SGD8.80) I think. Pretty pricey for the size!
Prague: The mac and cheese was a smaller size than all the other sweet Trdelníks. I found it to be a tad too salty and wish they have more pasta. I liked the flavour of the pastry though! There was a slight spiced taste to it.
Prague, 6.28pm: Back to Old Town Square to check out the Christmas market!
Prague, 9.02pm: Gathered at Old Town Square to head back to the hotel.

Day 5
Czech Republic: Prague, Český Krumlov
Slovakia: Bratislava
Hotel: Hotel Bratislava

Prague, Hotel Duo: Getting ready to check-out and ride to Český Krumlov.
Český Krumlov, 11.37am: On the State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov, overlooking Vitava River. One of the most picturesque towns in Europe.
Český Krumlov: Looks like a pretty painted picture.
Český Krumlov: Exploring the castle grounds.
Český Krumlov: Free and easy time in the quaint little town. More Christmas markets!
Český Krumlov: A drink stall.
Český Krumlov: Drinking some Christmas beer. There was nothing Christmassy about it…
Český Krumlov: Lots of potatoes and sausages!
Český Krumlov: A crispy flat-fried (oily) potato pancake which was really tasty but too oily.
Český Krumlov: I love their cabbages so much that I had to eat more although it wasn’t cheap. This was about SGD5++ for a small plate. BUT SO GOOD.
Český Krumlov: Indulging in a crêpe.
Český Krumlov, 2.47pm: Bright blue skies and a beautiful rainbow to bid us goodbye.
Český Krumlov: A fuller rainbow. It was drizzling earlier on so this was a nice treat.
Český Krumlov: We were up there earlier this morning, overlooking the town and Vitava River.
Český Krumlov: Map of the town.
Frauenhofen, Austria, 5.18pm: Gas stop, en route to Bratislava, Slovakia.

That marks the end of the Czech Republic leg. Next up, our overnight-stopover in Slovakia and our time in Hungary!

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