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Auckland, New Zealand! (3D2N) 🇳🇿

I didn’t expect myself to head back to New Zealand so soon after exploring South Island with the family in 2014. Naturally, I was extremely excited to head back to soak and drown myself in nature’s freshness.

Here’s the places we covered during the short 2 weeks we had (3, for me) and go-to places we had to hit:

20 October, Tuesday

Caught the night flight from Melbourne to Auckland and we reached about 5.05am. Morning… jeez. We had a car reservation made online with Thrifty and could only collect the car at 8am so we idled around.

I mentioned earlier we made no plans for New Zealand and that included accommodation. We scrambled to find the cheapest spots to put our ass in to comfortably rest and in the end settled for Jucy Snooze at NZ$65 for a private room + shared bathroom. Not the cheapest we could deal with but we had no other choice for such last minute decisions; all part of the thrills of traveling freely!

Decent, comfortable, and convenient! The city’s just ~5mins walk away.

We didn’t do much this day apart from sorting out our itinerary proper and eliminating some places to go to due to time constraints. We had a tiring but productive morning!

Walked to the city to enjoy some Auckland air, grabbed lunch, grocery shopped for necessities, headed back to the room early to sleep. We both slept for more than 12 hours.

Hands down my favorite hangout in NZ.

21 October, Wednesday – Maungawhau Volcano + Mount Eden Village

All packed and ready to leave! We booked another night in South Auckland on Airbnb to avoid the strain on our pockets.

I’ve heard many things about Auckland, how people dislike the city. No doubt about that when North Island has so much to offer as compared to the city life! But since we were there, we had to do at least one touristy thing to make it worth our while.

With Auckland’s metropolitan area sitting on top of a volcanic field and being vulnerable to volcanic eruptions, what better way to spend the time visiting a volcano!

So many volcanoes to choose from, we settled on Maungawhau (Mount Eden).

  • Maungawhau – meaning mountain of the whau tree
  • 196m/ 646ft high
  • Highest natural point in Auckalnd
  • Large, well-preserved crater contained within the summit cone (~50m deep)
Stunning 360° indeed! Description on websites do not fail.
I’m on a volcano!!!





Mount Eden Village

Decided to check the suburb out cause it has a pretty cool name! Did a brunch stop before we headed to South Auckland to check-in to the Airbnb place.

Reminds me of Circus Circus in Las Vegas.
In desperate need of greens.
Sunset from South Auckland.
Our trusty ride.
El cheapo dinner. We weren’t allowed to cook at the place we stayed at – only microwave.

That’s pretty much what we did in Auckland:

  • Recharge
  • Visit the city center
  • Maungawhau
  • Mt Eden Village

Partially why we moved to stay in South Auckland was to shave off some driving time to Waitomo to do the LEGENDARY black water rafting! (!!!)

Hell yeah!

More about that in my next update.

Till then!


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