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19.5 Hours in Singapore 🇸🇬

Complete the experience? ✓ Check!

I became aware of last year because of a video they put out promoting a 24-hour spa experience for $38/pax. That steal is gone but they’re currently having a 3-for-2 promo till the end of World Cup (15 July 2018) which equates to $45.333333333/pax. The usual rate is $68/pax which is still quite worth it considering you get to use their facilities and enjoy the free-flow food.

The consumer experience is well-thought-of — everything is provided! They have robes, disposable innerwear (yes, even bras), lockers, shower, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, towels, hairdryers, toothpaste and toothbrushes. If you’re out and you need a place to freshen up or crash and stuff yourself silly with food, this is the place to hang. It’s like a mini Club Med!

Facilities for use (gender-specific):

  • Steam room (men only)
  • Sauna room (men & women)
  • Hot pool (aka jacuzzi) [men & women]
  • Cold pool
  • Relaxation lounge (common area)
Headed in at 6.00pm with the pals.
The first thing was to safely keep our belongings and change into the robes and disposables.
The small but necessary little things.
The dining area. Felt like I was in Genting Highlands.
The ‘bar’.
Decent menu! The food’s actually pretty good. Ala carte items are available 12pm – 10.15pm but they have small bites available for self-service throughout the whole day.
This is available 24 hours.
The chicken claypot rice.
The relaxation area has maybe around 12 lounge-reclining chairs? Each has its own monitor attached to it so you have your own personal entertainment!
The jacuzzi!
We went late at night and early in the morning to avoid the crowd.
Supper after the jacuzzi.
Not a fan of (silent) soccer. Lots of men were around.
Time for movie #2 before dozing off. Had intermittent sleep from 12++am to 8++am.
The thing on the left was pretty nice! I ate 6 rolls for breakfast.
Left at 1.30pm the next day. Oh sunlight, we missed you!! (There are no windows inside so you can’t keep track of day and night. It’s just night-time forever)

Number of times we ate: 4
(Dinner, supper, breakfast, lunch)
Number of movies watched: 3
(Megan Leavey, The Last Stand, 21 Jump Street)
Number of times we visited the jacuzzi/steam room: 2
(Well, we dipped in and out many times in one visit)

WORD OF CAUTION: If you intend to stay over, bring earplugs/tune into your music when you sleep. You might encounter some snorers who will disturb the peace unless you are a snorer yourself!!! There aren’t any proper beds (just reclining chairs) so be prepared to not sleep well unless you’re a deep sleeper. We were so lucky to enjoy a snoring symphony in the wee hours of the morning.

A spa’s supposed to make you feel refreshed and recharged, right? My friends and I were exhausted from the whole experience — solely from the lack of sleep. We did enjoy dipping in the jacuzzi periodically, torturing ourselves in the steam room, stuffing our faces with endless food and completing the lazy routine with a movie.

All in all, great experience. But I don’t think I’ll be returning anytime soon… I guess age really does catch up with you. I’d rather be sleeping in my own bed. Definitely recommend everyone to check it out at least once.

TL;DR: Eat, watch movie, jacuzzi, steam room, nap, repeat at 

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