Budget Breakdown: Transport In Thailand/ Cambodia/ Laos

Kept track of my spendings when I was in Thailand/ Cambodia/ Laos recently and might as well put it up here for reference. Continue reading Budget Breakdown: Transport In Thailand/ Cambodia/ Laos

Sihanoukville, Cambodia – 7D6N

Finally reached Sihanoukville around 6.00am after a gruelling sleepless bus ride. Damn my luck that it was pouring rain as we pulled into the bus station. I intended to walk from the station to the guesthouse (Backpacker Heaven) to save a bit of money. The tuktuk driver back at Siem Reap offered his brother’s services for USD6. That is way too pricey for a single backpacker’s budget. Continue reading Sihanoukville, Cambodia – 7D6N

Overstayed my Visa… Oh shit. (Thailand)

(Overdue post)

Yes, I overstayed my visa by 11 days and I completely freaked out. Googling the circumstances didn’t help calm my nerves when I found out cause someone said he stayed in jail for a day. And technically, I was breaking the law despite Thailand being… “laid back”. Continue reading Overstayed my Visa… Oh shit. (Thailand)

Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Pai

Again, worked on this post about a month ago but failed to post it cause I couldn’t upload any photos.

Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Pai

So Ann extended her stay at the farm to leave on Saturday with Marian and I. We decided to spend a day together in Bangkok; might as well since Marian and I had time to kill before our 7.35pm 14-hour sleeper train to Chiang Mai. Plus we’d all gotten to know each other better and decided to make the most of our time left together, together! Continue reading Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Pai