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A Float Pod Experience in Singapore ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฌ

Floating and taking a nap in a dark enclosed area is an experience I would definitely recommend everyone to try at least once.

Came across Palm Ave Float Club when I was looking for a unique birthday gift, instead of buying items that may render useless to the recipient. Releasing all of one’s inhibitions for an hour seemed like a cool encounter and I loved every minute of my first float.

I purchased a package of 3 floats ($240) online which included a complimentary 10 – 15 minutes use of the Red Room each time. Everything is done online so it’s a pretty straightforward process. Their website has everything you need to know so be sure to read up. It includes a guide to your first float which I found really useful as it kind of sets the expectations and you don’t go in clueless.

Greeted by a calming space. One is to swap your footwear for theirs before entering.
One of the float pod rooms – equipped with the essentials such as a towel for showering, ear plugs which you have to wear before showering and Vaseline to apply on any cuts or open wounds. Best to apply Vaseline or any sort of open wound cause I can tell you that the salt water WILL sting you.
A shower in each room to clean yourself before and after the float. Shampoo and soap are provided. Bring your own facial wash if you need that.
Switched off the room lights before entering the pod to experience complete darkness. You have the option to keep the lights on for the room and the pod โ€” how you want to experience the session is completely up to you.
You also have the choice to either partially or completely close the cover. You can either wear your birthday or bathing suit. I went with the former for the ‘complete experience’.
Turned off the lights once I was comfortable floating.

It took me quite a long while before I fell asleep. Before that I felt restless and was bobbing up and down, side to side, pushing myself lightly against the pod’s walls. I felt like an astronaut in space which was fun.

Headed to the Red Room for some red light therapy.

Overall, I had a really lovely time for my first flat despite some restlestness. My initial excitement quickly turned into a state of calm as my body immediately floated upon entering the pod. But after awhile that soon turned to a feeling of strangeness as the body had to get used to fully floating.

With nothing to do and see, I became fully aware of my breathing and regulated it as that was the only thing I could hear. I tend to be an overthinker so I was surprised that I managed to maintain a clear state of mind instead of being overwhelmed by wandering thoughts.

What really struck me was at the end of the session when one of the guides said that, “Everyone’s float experience is different. There is no right or wrong way to float.”. He was right. I had a preconception that I had to enter with a clear mind but we shouldn’t force anything โ€” just let the mind and body do what it does in the pod.

My friend and I had completely different experiences. She ended up thinking about work in the pod and didn’t have that calming state. But everyone is a different floater and no experience will be completely the same.

I definitely recommend one to try floating at least once unless you are the restless type. During my first float I felt that one hour was too long but for my second float, after knowing what to fully expect, I no longer felt that way. In fact, I had a good sleep the second round and woke up refreshed and rejuvenated. Essentially I went into the float just to take a nap.

If you’re interested in doing something out of the norm, this is quite the experience. I wish you a good float! I’d love to hear about your time too โ€” it’ll be cool to hear how people float differently.

Well, till the next adventure!

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