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Visiting the (Once) World’s Biggest Starbucks in Tokyo 🇯🇵

Starbucks is a big deal to a lot of people though not to me. But when I knew the world’s biggest Starbucks was in Tokyo, I had to take a look and experience the 4-level reserve roastery experience for myself.

In Feb 2019, Tokyo had the biggest Starbucks of 32,000 square feet. It’s now been overtaken by the Chicago’s outlet of 35,000 square feet in Nov 2019. Guess I was too late in putting this out. Oops.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo, Japan
Address: 2 Chome-19-23 Aobadai, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0042, Japan
Nearest train station: Naka-Meguro Station
Located in Aobadai in Meguro City, the nearest train station is Naka-Meguro.  After which, you’ll continue your journey on foot for about 11 – 15 minutes. 

I went in March 2019 where there was a lot of hype. & I mean A LOT. So much that when I went on a Friday evening, I was greeted with a terribly long queue which equated to a 2 to 3-hours wait.

Redirected to a ‘ticketing’ room to register for a queue number
Staff with signages so you won’t get lost
Staff aplenty to assist you
Registering for a queue number
The numbers were so far apart! (!!!)
Kissed my opportunity goodbye because we just didn’t have the time to wait.

I was a little saddened that I couldn’t go in although I’m not a huge coffee fan, and put the thought of entering to rest. What a pity, right? But on the last day in Tokyo before flying home, we had time to kill and my dad suggested we try again. After all, it was a Monday afternoon and shouldn’t be as crowded as before.

There was hope! The wait was about 1-hour long. The cool thing was that you can scan the QR code and it’ll tell you which Q number it is and how long more a wait it’ll be. You didn’t have to stay there to wait.
With an hour odd to kill, we had lunch at a nearby burger place (Freshness Burger). It was pretty good!
Hurried back to join the lines. It was our turn soon!
The crowd was insane – long queues on each floor to purchase something
It was hard to find a seat with a huge crowd
The 4 levels of different experiences
Brewing coffee on the spot
Their drinks menu
Not so chaotic once the new batch of customers have settled down
It’s been a year. I forgot exactly what we ordered hahaha. We’re simple coffee drinkers so it was just alright to us. Nothing fancy.
Roasting the coffee beans in-store
Shiny things
Alfresco seating
More seats on Level 4
View from the top

I don’t know how it’s like one year on but it’s worth a visit. My eyes enjoyed taking in the copper aesthetics and it’s definitely a place for the ‘gram, if that’s what you’re for. I must say that their crowd control and queue system were managed very well. There’s also a Don Quijote nearby for you to hang while you wait.

I’ve travelled a fair bit since my Japan trip in March 2019 so… till the next update!

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