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Eastern Europe Part 4: Austria ðŸ‡¦ðŸ‡¹

Day 7-9: Budapest 🇭🇺> Vienna 🇦🇹 > Hallstatt 🇦🇹 > Salzburg 🇦🇹 > Munich 🇩🇪

Day 7 
Travelled from Hungary to Austria 
Austria: Vienna
Hotel: Austria Trend Hotel Bosei (4*)

Austria, McArthurGlen Designer Outlet: Left Hungary earlier than usual to make it in time to the designer outlet. Because it was Christmas Eve, it meant that all stores would close at 1pm. We reached around 10.30am and the ladies soon rushed to maximize their shopping time. My family? The bags I were holding were filled with chocolates.
Vienna, 3.12pm: Visited Schonbrunn Palace once we reached Vienna and did a tour inside. Didn’t take any photos cause no photography is allowed.
Vienna: The night view of the grand palace.
Vienna: Our loot from the factory outlet.
Austria Trend Hotel Bosei, 9.15pm: Too distracted by the chocolates and forgot to take a photo of the room. It gave out a cosy lodge vibe which I adored.

Day 8
Austria: Vienna, Hallstatt, Salzburg
Hotel: Mercure Salzburg Central

Christmas Day!!! The day I’ve been waiting for, but also that we were heading to Hallstatt!

Vienna, 8.26am: I love Christmas!!!
Hallstatt: Preview of the majesticness we were about to be enveloped in.
Hallstatt: On the way!!

Warning: Lots of mountain pictures ahead.

Hallstatt: Ahh! Looks like it’s straight out of a postcard.
Hallstatt: Cup noodles never tasted so good.
Hallstatt: Drop. dead. gorgeous.
Hallstatt: Mountains, mountains everywhere.
Hallstatt: A little village. Also, Hallstatt has the most expensive toilet fee I’ve ever come across – €1.50 (SGD2.30)!!! Just to use the freaking toilet!!!
Hallstatt: I’m in love.
Hallstatt: Food stop. We bought a couple of stuff but I didn’t take any pictures cause I was annoyed that I spent what little time I had there queueing for food. 😡
Hallstatt: 😍 We spent only ~3 hours in this magical place cause we had to be in Salzburg by a certain time because of their newly passed restrictions on the number of tourist buses entering the city.
Salzburg, 6.18pm: Wandering the town in search for Christmas markets (which we did not find in time).
Salzburg: I love eating ice cream in the cold!
Mercure Salzburg Central: This was a way better Mercure hotel than the one in Budapest. The room was nice and cosy.

Day 9
Austria: Salzburg
Germany: Munich
Hotel: NH Ingolstadt (4*)

Salzburg: Breakfast.
Salzburg: Croissants + eggs every day!!
Salzburg: Can’t resist some cakes in the morning.
Salzburg: Entering Mirabell Gardens.
Salzburg: Mirabell Gardens – one of the locations where Sound of Music was shot!
Salzburg: The scene where Maria and the children sing “Do, Re, Mi” around Mirabell Gardens! (Google for comparison)
Salzburg: Walking to Mozart’s birthplace.
Salzburg: Eating a pretzel bigger than one’s face is what everyone should do once in their lifetime. This was apple-something flavored. It was cold. It would’ve tasted way better if it was hot and toasty but it was decent. I still ate it all.
Salzburg: I once stood where the legendary Mozart stood.
Salzburg: Bought me some Mozart (chocolate) balls. Pretty good.
Salzburg: Also bought me a Sound of Music tote bag which is of thin fabric but I am a sucker for tote bags. (€5.90/~SGD9)
Salzburg: Christmas market!
Salzburg: Yum yum.
Salzburg: Sneaking a shot in a Sound of Music souvenir store.
Salzburg: En route to Munich, Germany.

Up next, wrapping up the Eastern Europe tour in Munich, Germany.

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