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Staying in Rumah Stroberi Organic Farm and Lodge (North Bandung) 🇮🇩

Booking a room in Rumah Stroberi Organic Farm and Lodge was a real headache — worse than Legok Kondang. Their information on the website was confusing/misleading.

  1. I wanted to book the ‘Bukit Villa’ but it turned out to be the building name instead.
  2. Some of their bigger rooms stated it could accommodate 4 people yet there was only one huge bed in the pictures.
  3. The price included services which I did not require. It was unclear if I could do away with the additions.

    Price inclusive of unneeded pick-up service, full body massage and refleksi.

I used the chat function to clarify some things, waited quite a while for a reply which I did get but things were inconclusive. Baffled, I still put in a booking through their website and received a confirmation. I replied to ask if the booking was confirmed and it was followed up via WhatsApp.

Quite a bit of back and forth because the ‘villa’ I wanted wasn’t what it was stated online + there would be additional fees for extra beds. I was honestly exhausted from all the lack of information. But all was good in the end and my booking was successful.

Room Type: Java Room
Accommodates: 4 pax (Inclusive of 2 extra mattresses)
Duration: 1 night (in August 2018)
Price: Rp1,950,000 (SGD180, inclusive of breakfast and no other services as stated in their website)

WhatsApp: +62 819-1019-1518
If you have any queries, I suggest getting in-touch directly via WhatsApp.

The Java Room. First impressions: grand and impressive.
The grand-ness though, did not make up for the lack of basic necessities in the room.
Felt like staying in a mansion.
Just like a lodge.
View from our room, overlooking the compound.
The dining area.



Rates, as per their reception.

Rating: 6/10

I find the rooms a bit pricey so I would honestly say it isn’t worth the price. Our bathroom didn’t have a floor mat which was annoying to have the floor wet; only 1 bottle of shampoo/shower gel was provided for 4 people; a used towel was hanging in the bathroom.

However, it is a different type of accommodation to stay in, food prices are affordable and the staff are really helpful and friendly. They also have a strawberry farm and some fringe activities such as the flying fox. None of which we patronised cause we weren’t that interested. I wouldn’t entirely recommend the place but I wouldn’t outrightly tell anyone to avoid the place.

After 1 night in the city, 1 night in South Bandung and 1 night in North Bandung, we headed back in the city for 2 nights before flying back to Singapore. Shan’t go into much details but we spent that time going to Cihampelas Walk and exploring the shopping streets near our hotel.

I got a bad case of food poisoning from having an orange juice and a sweet potato at Carrefour so I highly advise you NOT to eat anything from the stalls inside of Carrefour. I spent a night spewing out food and water through my mouth and butt. It was the day I truly experienced peeing through my butt.

A night in hell.
Happy to head home!

That pretty much wraps up my 6D5N trip in Bandung, Indonesia.

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Till the next adventure!

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