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Attractions in North Bandung 🇮🇩

There’s quite a bit to see in North Bandung but after a while, it kind of got on my nerves that we had to constantly pay for entrance fees. Although it’s not a lot, it still adds up and (sort of) dampens the experience.

Attractions visited in North Bandung:

  1. Dusun Bambu
  2. Kampung Daun (Restaurant)
  3. Farmhouse Susu Lembang
  4. Kota Mini Lembang/Floating Market Lembang

1. Dusun Bambu
Dusun Bambu, also known as Bamboo Village, is a beautiful ‘town’ on its own where most structures are built out of bamboo. It hosts family-friendly activities, Insta-worthy scenery, food spots and even accommodation.

Entrance fee: Rp20,000/pax (SGD2)
Parking fee (car): Rp15,000 (SGD1.50)

Pay for that IG shot of yourself on the hammock.
A popular photo spot.
The bamboo houses.
Best part of being there. This refresher was I think ~Rp5,000 (SGD0.50).

We didn’t stay for very long. Instead of having lunch at the restaurant there, overlooking Dusun Bambu, we were brought to Kampung Daun which seemed to be highly recommended online.

2. Kampung Daun

The entrance.
Made our table reservation for lunch when we reached. There were 24 tickets before us; wasn’t too long a wait.
The restaurant is HUUUUGE. They have loads of seating areas, each with its own unique views.
Seated in a private ‘hut’.

I forgot what we ordered exactly and how much the total meal costs. Food was not bad, prices pretty reasonable for a restaurant standard. Next, we continued our trip to Farmhouse Susu Lembang (~30min car ride).

3. Farmhouse Susu Lembang
Slightly similar to Kota Mini Lembang, the Farmhouse resembles a small European village. We were in and out of the attraction within 15 minutes as there wasn’t much that interested us. Plus, the area’s pretty small as compared to other attractions. This place didn’t pique my interest so I wouldn’t recommend it. Kota Mini is a lot bigger and better.

Entrance fee: Rp20,000/pax (SGD2)
Fee comes with a complimentary cup of milk
Parking fee (car): Rp10,000 (SGD1)

4. Kota Mini Lembang/Floating Market Lembang
Now this place confused me quite a bit. If you’ve done your research and want to go to the Floating Market, take note that it’s located INSIDE Kota Mini. Basically, it’s two attractions in one place. You’ll only need to pay the entrance fee for Kota Mini.

Got myself a cup of… something.

Entrance fee: Rp15,000/pax (SGD1.50)
Fee comes with a complimentary drink

I wished we skipped the Farmhouse and spent more time here. We didn’t have enough time to explore the whole area and only managed to walk past the floating market.

There’s a section called ‘Kota Mini’ which requires paid entry. It’s more for families with young kids to experience different activities. If you’re familiar with KidZania, the concept is similar to that. It’s where all the hype is and of course, we paid (again) to enter and see what the fuss is all about.

Kota Mini – another paid attraction in a paid attraction. 
Wouldn’t recommend entering if you don’t have any young children. We went in cause the Internet recommended it and my mum wanted to see the village that is so highly raved about.
Turns out to be a kids’ area. You can skip this and spend your money on food instead.
Lots to see and do in Kota Mini/Floating Market Lembang.
Map of the whole area.
One of the boats in the floating market.
The floating market.

It’s a lot to see in one day. For attractions, I would recommend going to Dusun Bambu and Kota Mini/Floating Market. Don’t bother with Farmhouse Susu Lembang. Kota Mini is an expanded version of it.

Next up: spending the night in an expensive lodge. Till then!

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