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Glamping in South Bandung (Legok Kondang Lodge) 🇮🇩

Forget hostels, hotels, guesthouses. When you’re in Bandung, you should treat yourself to a glamping experience.

We had a lovely time glamping at Legok Kondang Lodge and it’s made me drawn to living it up with more glamping trips. However, it was quite a hassle to book a tent. Their website is lacking in so many aspects (at this point, it seems that a lot of basic information isn’t loading).

I managed to book a tent but the confirmation email that I received was addressed to the wrong person. Eventually, I emailed them to book and everything was done through WhatsApp. But don’t let this obstacle stop you from staying at Legok Kondang Lodge! Rates are really affordable for such an experience + breakfast is included.

Type: Standard Tent
Occupancy: 4 pax
Duration: 1 night (in August 2018)
Price: ~1,282,000 IDR (~124 SGD)

WhatsApp: +62 813 1817 9889
To book, I’d suggest you reach out to them via directly through WhatsApp. They were pretty quick to respond to my queries at night. Also, they’ll ask for a deposit in advance but I told them I was residing in Singapore and I was unable to make the deposit. They let me pay the full amount when I checked in.

The Standard Tent.
View from the ‘balcony’.
More glamping tents.
Exploring the campground.
Night time at Legok Kondang Lodge.
Supper with the popular Chitato potato chips! The pack bloated on the drive up to higher grounds.
Woke up at 4.15am to catch the sunrise but it only started rising at 5.30am.
15°c out.
Breakfast! The staff will deliver it to your room in the morning.

For dinner, as we still had the private charter for the day, our driver brought us to Saung Gawir Restaurant to eat. Food was alright but it was a nice place to take in the cooling air and surrounding mountainous terrain.

The view.
A little plantation.
Cats will request for pats and food.
Decent food, better atmosphere.
A done deal.

Up next, exploring North Bandung!

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Till then!

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