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Hidden Crystal Lagoon in Krabi 🇹🇭

I’ve been to Krabi 5 times since 2011. 3 times I did the 4-Island Tour, and the same 3 trips I went mangrove kayaking (my 4th time in Krabi was spent volunteering in a self-sustainable farm which I should get around to writing about it soon). Now, I didn’t want to go mangrove kayaking again. One more time and I swear I can kayak the route without a guide. But this time around, I went kayaking… AGAIN.

The locals fishing in the mangrove.

Seeing the activity “Hidden Crystal Lagoon Kayaking and ATV Riding” on Klook made me curious. Anything that has to do with sports and the outdoors, I’m in (even though I lamented about kayaking again but this was a different experience)!

Seeing the words ‘hidden crystal lagoon’ really tempted me to go for it but what sold me on the activity were the pictures of the crystal lagoon — it looked so serene and gorgeous. Plus, you can swim in the lagoon! You don’t really get a chance for a proper swim if you go mangrove kayaking — not the most ideal environment for a swim anyways. I’m not a fan of ATV riding so that wasn’t entertained at all. After all, my travel bud and I rode the biggest sand dune of the Southern Hemisphere so this wouldn’t be able to match up to that experience!

Price: ~SGD23.25/pax
I booked this using Klook. I’m pretty sure you can book this trip at one of the many stalls in Ao Nang Beach but then again I only discovered this activity this year so I’m not entirely sure if it’s offered everywhere. 

Itinerary (from Klook):

  • 8.00am – 8.30am: Hotel pick-up
  • 9.00am: Kayak at Klong Naam Sai
  • 10.30am: Swim and relax in the water lagoon
  • 11.30am: Hotel drop-off
7-11 breakfast again! Fuelling up for a morning of kayaking and swimming.
We were the only ones so that meant… private tour!
Setting off into the mangrove!
The duration for the kayaking wasn’t as long as I expected. It was a slow, leisure 10 – 15 minutes.
Look. at. the. clear. waters. (!!!)
Can’t wait to get out and swim!
We spent around half an hour playing in the water till we figured our guide was probably restless and we should head back. He was really nice though! Told us to take our time since it was just the two of us.
I mean, look how clear the water is!!! My only regret was not bringing goggles so I could see underwater.
Heading back to the ‘jetty’.

I had an enjoyable time doing this kayaking tour. It’s definitely different from the previous ones I’ve done. I found out recently the operator is Thrilling Thai Tours. Somehow they managed to get ahold of me to leave a Tripadvisor review. I highly recommend it though! It’s a great way to spend your morning, leaving you plenty of time to head back to get your tan on.

So that’s it for Krabi (for this year)! I doubt I’ll be returning next year. Time to venture into other countries!

Check out my previous post of my recommended must-do’s in Krabi and if you’re curious, you can see how I spent my time idling away in 2017. & if you’d like to see more visuals, check out my quick edit of a video below of the water activities I did this year.

As always, till the next adventure!

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