Must-dos in Krabi: 4-Island Tour + Krabi Town Night Market ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ

I’ve been to Krabi (Thailand) six times and did this tour for a good five times, yet I will never be bored of the itinerary and sights to see.ย The 4-Island Tour is a great way to spend 3/4 of your day, especially if you’re one who loves the sun and sea!

Price: ~500โ€Žเธฟ + 400โ€Žเธฟ (marine park admission fee)
You can book online at Klook (which I’ve done so for a slightly cheaper rate) or book through one of the many stalls located in Ao Nang Beach. The prices around town are pretty standard but if you have great bargaining skills, you can try your hand at bringing down the tour rate of 500เธฟ! The marine park admission fee is non-negotiable. 900เธฟ should be the most you’re paying!

Itinerary (from Klook):

  • 8.15am – 9.00am: Hotel Pick-up
  • 9.15am: Depart from Nopparat Thara/ Ao Nang Beach
  • Visits to Koh Poda, Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Tub and Koh Mor
  • Snorkelling and exploring
  • 12.30pm: Lunch/ Visit to Phra Nang Cave beach
  • 3.00pm: Arrive at Ao Nang Beach and transfer back to hotel
There will never be a need for hotel breakfasts for me cause 7-11 is good enough! It’s really affordable and so much variety to choose from. Not the healthiest option but it’s not everyday that I eat from 7-11!
First stop: Phra Nang Cave Beach. The tide was pretty high so we didn’t get a chance to enjoy it as much as we could.
The waters were too choppy for our longtail boat to pick us up so we had to cut through the island to make our way around. My first time seeing this actually! I never knew it existed.
So calm and serene here, unlike the rough waters on the other side.
Second stop: Koh Tub and Koh Mor. (That’s Koh Mor in the background) When the tide’s low, you can actually walk to and fro the two islands. But again, with the high tide, we couldn’t. Swimming across was an option but that would be too tiring a feat.
Just floating around.

Third stop: Chicken Island

I didn’t snap a picture cause I’ve seen it many times. You’ll get a chance to see it up close when you visit! As its name suggests, the top part if the island really looks like a chicken. Or maybe a brontosaurus… wherever your imagination takes you. We were dropped near the island for some dedicated snorkelling time.

Looking for fishes and dying corals.
Fourth & final stop: Koh Poda.
This also meant that it was (finally) lunch time!
It’s very heartwarming to see Thailand progress towards an environmentally-friendly approach. They used to hand out lunches in styrofoam boxes with plastic spoons. Now they’ve converted, be it for whatever reasons, and it’s nice to know I’m not generating additional waste.

Despite there only being one dedicated snorkelling stop, the amount of times you swim/snorkel is totally up to you. Whenever the boat stops at an island, you’re free to jump into the waters. I love this tour cause it’s a great way to see the sights and become horribly sunburnt. So be sure to bring your sunblock and sunnies!

Now when the tour’s done, my perfect way of ending this day is at the Krabi Town Night Market. They’re only open Friday – Sunday so if you’re lucky, you can plan your day as such. After reaching your hotel, it gives you time to wash up, take a nap and have a second lunch somewhere nice and idle your time away till 6.00pm! Don’t eat too much during this time though. The Krabi Town Night Market has sooooo many food stalls! You’d definitely want to go on an almost-empty stomach.

With my travel bud, XM. The mirror was so aesthetically pleasing that we HAD to take a picture.
Whiling time away at our hotel + getting even more sunburnt + cooling off in the pool.

Krabi Town is located about a 20 minutes drive from Ao Nang Beach so you’ll need to book transportation in advance.

Price: 150เธฟ or 200เธฟ/pax for a return mini-van ride
This again, like many other tours, can be bought at one of the many stalls at Ao Nang Beach. If you’re lucky, like us, we stumbled upon a stall that sold tickets for 150เธฟ/pax! All along I’ve only seen rates at 200เธฟ. We bought ours at a stall in between BlueSotel Hotel and the nearest 7-11 in the direction towards the beach.ย 

The van picks you from your hotel, drops you near the market and you’ll have around 3 hours to spend at Krabi Town Night Market. After which, return to the designated spot as told by your driver and he’ll send you back to your hotel.

First time seeing roasted durian!
I’ve recently started to appreciate durian so I was curious.
We tried it! & it was NOT NICE AT ALL. The roasting made the durian harden and there wasn’t much flesh to it. Not sure if it wasn’t a good durian, or the fact it was displayed for quite awhile but we had a couple of bites and threw it away.

Cheap mangosteens!
Literally some grub.
& of course, not forgetting the must-have coconut ice-cream in Thailand.

I only discovered about the Krabi Town Night Market during my third trip and I’ve made it a point to always go whenever I’m in Krabi. I’m a true sucker for night markets.

The things I usually do is the 4-Island Tour, kayaking, Krabi Town Night Market and hanging around Ao Nang Beach. But this time year, I finally did something different! Well, similar yet different or as they coined the term “same same but different”. It’ll be up in the next post pretty soon, hopefully. In the meantime, if you’d like to read more on Krabi,ย you can check out myย lazy, unwinding trip in 2017.

Till then!

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