Penang in Pictures ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡พ

Road trip in April 2018 (4D3N):
Penangย โ†’ Taiping โ†’ Ipohย โ†’ Penang

Day 1: Driving from Penang to Taiping

Part of Changi Airport Terminal 4’s departure hall.
First on the agenda: hunting down some famous cendol. It was alright, a tad too sweet for my liking.
It was a battle between either Bismillah Cendol or Ansari Famous Cendol but we accidentally found this store and settled.
Having an evening stroll in Taiping Lake Gardens. It’s a pretty big park.
Drove to a secluded part of town for some recommended seafood.
Finally reached Port Weld Restaurant/Restoran Tepi Sungaiย after driving round in circles!
First time ever having Mantis Shrimp. It’s so good?! Tastes like a combination of squid and lobster. The restaurant has really fresh seafood.
Having some random roadside durian near the hotel.

Day 2: Taiping to Ipoh

Breakfast at Larut Matang Hawker Centre. My second time being there. I really like this place- they have a huge variety of food.
Back on the road to visit some sights.
Visiting Green Acres, a retirement village.
A glimpse of the estate. They have a clubhouse, shuttle services to nearby malls. Seems like a pretty great place to live in, minus the fact they don’t have a swimming pool.
One of the model homes.
Visting Kek Lok Tong, a limestone cave temple.
The entrance.
Big garden.
Indulging in KFC’s Loaded Potato Bowl. I LOVE IT. Singapore doesn’t have it… yet.
Cooling off with this big beauty – Ais Buah-Buahan + Ais Krim.
Continuing the food trail with some famous beancurd from Funny Mountain. This was really smooth and good. We slurped it up in no time.
Stalls setting up for Gerbang Malam – Night Market.
Dinner was Ipoh’s famous tauge chicken. If you google it, either Lou Wong or Cowan Street will pop up. We didn’t go to Lou Wong as we heard it’s not as nice as it’s raved about. Had a great meal at Cowan Street!
Not a fan of tauge (beansprouts) but this was tasty, only because of the sauce.

Day 3: Ipoh to Penang

First stop: Ipoh Old Town/ Concubine Lanes.
One of the many artsy streets.
Back on the road, back to Penang. But before that…
Back to Port Weld Restaurant/Restoran Tepi Sungai for lunch!!
Picking our dishes.
View from the restaurant. ‘Tepi sungai’ means riverside. So Restoran Tepi Sungai literally means Restaurant Riverside. So here is the riverside.
I don’t normally eat clams but these were so fresh and tasty. Especially when dipped with their chili sauce.
Fried mini crabs and shrimp! (I think)
Veggies. Forgot what type these were.
Assam (sour and spicy) curry fish. Yuuuum.
My new fav – mantis shrimp!! Found out they weren’t cheap though. About RM50/piece (~SGD17).
Best seafood meal ever! Affordable and really fresh.
Heading back to Penang. Flags ‘decorating’ the streets cause elections were nearing.
Yay, food truck festival at the Design Village.
Rows and rows of food trucks.


One of the Guinness World Record officials.
Going through the list of food trucks.

Beautiful sunset on the way back to my aunt’s house.
One of my aunt’s 13 cats that she feeds.

Day 4: Penang

Having local pancakes for breakfast.
Checking out Occupy Beach Street Market (open every Sunday).
One of Penang’s many beautiful walls.
The end.

Places we visited:




Till the next trip!

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