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Kuching – of Wildlife, Adventures & Seafood 🇲🇾

My friends had I needed somewhere affordable to spend a week of our time to break away from the mundane cycle of life. We settled on Kuching as it seemed there was quite a bit to do and flights from Singapore were incredibly worth it, minus the fact that daily flights are at a ridiculously late timing!

8D7N in Kuching, Malaysia
Technically it was 7D7N cause we arrived at 10++pm on the first day.

Places we stayed during our time:

Activities we did:

Day 1: Arrival late at night + sleep

Day 2: Kayaking + Seafood Dinner
Booked a Semandang Discovery Kayaking package online at their website which was a total of 5 – 7 hours experience (including transportation + kayaking + lunch). Priced at RM198/pax, it also includes pictures which they will email you at the end of the trip. More details can be found on their website.

Koptel Hotel – a decent place to stay for people on a budget. Room is small but it works. Plus point is that it’s located near The Spring Shopping Mall where we could stock up on food/water supplies.
Breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop – fuelling up on roti canai + garlic naan!
Starting the kayaking trip at Kampung Bengoh.
Making a small pit-stop; a short trek to view a mini waterfall.
Lunch-time buffet style!
Lunch was about 1.25 hours after we started kayaking.
Our guide found a durian floating in the river!

We ended around 3++pm, washed up and headed to the more touristy parts of the town to explore and have seafood for dinner.

Headed to Top Spot Food Court as it seemed like the place to go for seafood.
Ate at Ling Long Seafood as it seemed to be highly raved about.
The food did not disappoint!! Sorry, no before pictures as we were busy eating. Don’t order the oyster pancake though. We were deceived by the huge size of it but essentially you’re just eating lots of flour and a few oysters. Cost was around RM120 for all these dishes! Extremely worth it.

Day 3: Onward to Bako National Park
Checked out of the hotel, headed to The Spring Shopping Mall for breakfast and to load up on snacks and water before embarking on our 3D2N journey to Bako National Park.

Did a separate post on our adventures in Bako so click on the image to check it out!

Day 5: Damai Beach Resort + Seafood Dinner
After a fulfilling experience in Bako National Park, this leg of our trip was all about relaxing and taking it easy. We decided to pamper ourselves a little and stayed near the coastline. The resort was so secluded that no Grab cars were available. The only way out was either by your own car or hiring a private transport from the resort.

A spacious room for 4!
We were starving and had no choice to dine in the resort’s restaurant. Food was not bad.
Surrounded by greenery.
Just a little bit of paradise on their hilltop pool.
View overlooking the sea from the hilltop pool.
A shuttle service is required to bring you up to the hilltop pool. Their compound is pretty big!

We wanted to have seafood for dinner again and where better to get fresh food when you’re so near the sea? We booked a private van with the resort for RM42 and headed to Buntal 88 Seafood Centre.

~15mins drive from the resort.
Ready to eat.
A glimpse of the menu. Prices are really affordable for Singaporeans.
Clockwise from left: Salted egg crab, assam curry sea bass, bidin (vegetables), fried rice, deep fried sotong.
Proud to say we wiped out everything.
Damage done: (Only) RM130.
Nothing interesting on TV so we tried to stream some videos but the WiFi was too weak.

Day 6: Pool Time + River Cruise
There weren’t much activities for us to do so we made full use of the resort’s amenities. Taught our friend how to swim, had lunch at the restaurant, explored the surrounding area and decided to book a river cruise before boredom would be the death of us. By going on the river cruise, there was a chance we could see crocodiles, Proboscis monkeys and even Irrawaddy dolphins! Cost was RM175/pax – a bit on the higher side but it’ll be well worth your money if you manage to spot all the wildlife.

Explored Sarawak Cultural Village which we found a little too late. It was only a ~5min walk from our resort and there was a 7-11 and a food court!! We could have eaten there at half the price.

We were lucky to be the only ones on the tour so we had the whole boat and guide to ourselves. Our guide was really experienced and though we didn’t spot a whole dolphin, we did see a couple briefly break the surface of the water. Our cruise lasted around 1.5 hours with dinner on board. No crocodiles but we did spot many monkeys.

Spotting Proboscis monkeys.
Spotting more Proboscis monkeys.

I couldn’t really capture much with the GoPro but if you head on over to my Instagram Highlights on Kuching ’18, you can catch a bit more action there.

Dinner – chicken rice!
Heading back before getting caught in the storm. That’s Mount Santubong in the background.
Secret durian hunt after!

Day 7: Back to the City
Stayed in a different part of the city this time round – nearer the waterfront area. Explored the vicinity and ended off the day with our all-time favourite seafood dinner.

Stayed at Riverside Majestic Hotel. Price we paid was really value for money.
Décor is dated so things look pretty old but the place is decent enough. Location is superb. Many places we wanted to visit were within walking distance.
Kuching’s State Legislative Building (I think).
I guess the touristy thing to do is walk up the bridge?
Took a Grab to a popular Kueh Lapis store to buy home some goodies!
Yay to free samples. I bought home a coffee-flavoured Kueh Lapis which my parents quite enjoyed.
Walked into a random dodgy looking health massage centre which had really good masseuses!
Back at Ling Long @ Tip Top. “Um… can we eat now???”
Clockwise from left: Milk powder squid, lala (clams), parrotfish, dou miao (vegetables). The milk powder squid was so good!!! I’ve never had anything like it. The milk powder simply melts in your mouth.
As usual, all wiped out. Damage done: RM105!!
Beautiful night scene.

Day 8: Traditional Hand-Tapped Tattoo
My friends and I live in the moment and many things are done impromptu so on our final day we decided to get a tattoo hours before our flight back home.

Did up a separate post on our final wild adventure in Kuching so click on the image to read more!

Kuching has been a great getaway for us. Not only is it affordable but it’s filled with a variety of activities for one to do.

If you love nature, you can head to Bako National Park.
If you love the beach, you can head to the coastal area.
If you love seafood, Tip Top Food Court is the local haunt to visit.
If you love shopping, there are malls and bazaars for you to see.

I’m sure there are loads more things to see and do that we didn’t discover but all in all it was a fulfilling trip. Oh, minus the fact that I suffered from multiple sandfly bites since the second day and an ear infection from pool water stuck in my ear for days. All’s good. I’m still alive and well.

Check out my other experiences in Kuching that wasn’t elaborated here:

Till the next adventure!

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