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Hand-Tapped Tattoo in Kuching, Malaysia 🇲🇾

It’s not often that you come across a place that does traditional hand-tapping tattoos. But when you get the chance and opportunity… don’t think, just do.

My friends and I headed to Kuching last week for a getaway and I floated the idea of getting a hand-tapped tattoo done because of its uniqueness and the novelty of it. We never really made any concrete plans and only allowed for it only if we had enough time.

Which we did.
On our last day in Kuching.
Hours before our flight back home.

Slowly sinking in that I was about to get (another) tattoo.

Skrang Tattoo Studio is the place to go to. We popped over to the studio at 3++pm on a Monday afternoon to ask for quotes. Agreeing to the price and with probably RM100++ left combined (we needed RM750), we spent almost an hour going back and forth places to hunt for wifi and ATMs. One of the guys in the studio were so sweet to offer to drive us to a money changer (with way better rates) so we could get some cash.

Free-hand drawing done by the artist, Boy Skolang (Boy Skrang), with the image just as a guide. 
Their work station for traditional hand-tapped tattoos.
10 seconds into it and I instantly regretted. Instantly regretted getting it that size. Instantly regretted having quite a bit of details. I won’t deny that certain parts hurt like a bitch.

I’ve done traditional bamboo tattoos before in Thailand and the pain was bearable (partially cause it was done on my back) so that was kind of my benchmark for the pain level. The first few taps Boy did felt quite alright and I happily thought “Oh, this isn’t too bad”. & then he tapped away harder and all that ran through my head was “Oh my god”. I had to deflect the pain by clenching my fist and clamping down on the inner walls of my cheeks.

I must say though, that after awhile I became numb to the feeling and got used to the tapping. Although I don’t think I’ll be getting a tattoo in that area anytime soon… Just kidding. I might, and then I’ll instantly regret again when the pain hits.

I did enjoy my experience and it’s nice to say that I’ve got quite the souvenir in Kuching for me to remember for life. For a length of around 10cm, I paid RM370 (~SGD123).

“In the trees, in the breeze, seek Nature’s peace and bliss.”

Honestly I didn’t know what I really wanted to have tattooed so the result was just ‘alright’ to me at that point of time. But it’s starting to grow on me and I really like what Boy has done. Traditional tattoos have such an organic and raw feel to it.

Till the next post on my adventures in Kuching!

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