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Going Solo

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Just a bed for one, please.

As we grow older, our taste changes. Priorities shift, activities which were once deemed cool to the youths become a bane in our life.

Me? I still love travelling as much as ever but if given a choice, I’d like to do away with the solo-hostel travels. I mean, that’s the sure-fire way of meeting people from all over, sharing experiences and picking up tips but I’m tired and not to mention, getting older.

I’m tired of making small talk with people younger than me, them bursting with youth and enthusiasm when my soul is all worn out and weary.

I’m tired of telling my background story over and over again – I might as well hang a FAQ around my neck.

I’m tired of not getting undisturbed sleep – waking up in the middle of the night by drunkards stumbling into the room or the constant annoying rustle of plastic bags, them trying to fish out god-knows-what.

I’m tired of eating alone, tired of resorting to constantly turning to my phone as some sort of companion. I may be selfish by nature but I miss splitting the bills with someone.

But going solo brings a sense of liberation that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s taught me life lessons, something that no matter how much education you get you’ll never learn.

Now that I’m older, my priorities have shifted.

I don’t want to stay in hostels anymore when I’m on my own, no matter how tight the budget. I want a comfortable yet affordable place where I won’t groan inwardly when I see strangers sharing the same bedroom.

I still want to travel. I still want to see the parts of the world that I don’t reside in. But just don’t put me in a room full of young adults. No offence, but I don’t think my jaded self can take it anymore.

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