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Palmerston North to Wellington 🇳🇿

Skipping a proper post on Palmerston North cause we only stayed one night as a stopover before continuing on the journey to Wellington.

Pictures below for some of the sights we saw in PM!

Drove one of the scenic routes in Manawatu to find this hidden waterfall. Can’t for the life of me remember what route we took.
Did at least 1 (free) touristy thing – Te Apiti Wind Farm. First wind farm in NZ to supply electricity into the national grid!
Went to Victoria Esplanade to look around before officially leaving Palmerston North/ Manawatu.
19 hectares of land with beautiful gardens and birds! Lots of families were there when we visited.

1 November, Sunday

XM’s last day in NZ before she flies off on the 2nd. We finally returned the car in Wellington after a good 13 days. It’s been a good run!

Decided to stay put in the city to explore what Wellington has to offer. It’s the day where the All Blacks emerged victorious for the Rugby World Cup so the city was pretty quiet in the morning.

We kind of intended to catch the game at 4am but… sleep > everything else.

Gloomy skies but the weather held up pretty well.
Food trucks!!!
I am absolutely in love with all their farmers’ markets of some sorts.
Post-All Blacks’ victory dare, I presume.


Wellington Train Station.
Their tickets are pretty expensive though. About NZD3+ for a ride from Wellington to Waterloo Station.

Went back to the apartment after making a round at one of our favorite places – New World – to stock up on supplies for me, and edible souvenirs for XM.

I wasn’t flying back with XM because I wanted to stay longer. Might as well, since I’m all the way in New Zealand! Gotta make my money’s worth.

Next up: Alone in Wellington.

Read more about my previous adventures in New Zealand here:

Till then!


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