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Lower Tama Lake Walk (Tongariro National Park) 🇳🇿

30 October 2015, Friday

We actually were about to make the drive to our next destination – Palmerston North – but I felt that if we didn’t squeeze in another walk in Tongariro National Park with such perfect weather, it’d be the biggest regret I’d have for the trip.

Stunning view right outside the backpacker’s. Psyched for a great day ahead!
Beautiful snow-capped mountain along the drive to Whakapapa Village.

The Lower Tama Lake Walk takes about 5 hours to complete and you’d be standing at 1,200m with a gorgeous view of the lower lake. The Lower + Upper Tama Lake Walk would take you about 6 hours to finish the whole 17km trek.

What got me sold on completing this walk was the fact that we’d be walking in between two mountains – Mt Ruapehu and Mt Ngauruhoe – which is also known as the Tama Saddle. I mean, how often do you get to do this?!

The walk took us through many beech forests, alpine herbfields, and undulating tussock country. It was a really windy walk to brave through the Tama Saddle, a funnel for prevailing westerly winds.

Sun shining down on us. Grateful for clear skies!
Information board.
Oh, look at that view.
Being surrounded by nature instantly lifts my mood.
Other hikers returning from their multi-day trek, I presume.
Walking where lava used to once flow!
A rare photo with tame hair.
Ahhh, so pretty!
“Glardia may be present in some streams. All water must be boiled.”
I’m in love.
Hoo boy.
Can’t for the life of me remember which mountain is which.
Lava rocks?!
Walk walk walk.
Well-needed selfie with the mountain.
All bundled up against the sun and wind.
GLEE! We’re almost there, after walking about 1hr 50mins.
View absolutely worth the trek. It was extremely windy and cold. My fingers went numb pretty quickly and we had to get out of there soon.
Crossing this off the bucket list! But definitely coming back to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
Tired face of happiness.
Gloomy threatening skies.
Too cold to fully appreciate the view.
Thank you, Mother Nature, for such wonderful creations.
The Upper Tama Lake walk was another 50 minutes from where we were. We were both tired and wanted to head back quickly before we got caught in any rain.
Ending this with one last shot of my face. (:

We completed the walk within 3.5 hours which was surprising considering many sources said it’d take about 5 hours.

I forgot what we did after but I think we pigged out somewhere cause that walk sucked the energy out of us.

XM drove us from Whakapapa Village to our next accommodation in Palmerston North. Palmerston was a stopover for us before we headed down to our last destination – Wellington.

Next up: Random shenanigans in Palmerston North.

Read more about my previous adventures in New Zealand here:

Till then!


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