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National Trout Centre (Turangi) 🇳🇿

29 October 2015, Thursday

We had intentions to return to Tongariro National Park to do at least one more hike. Couldn’t miss spending time there since we specially made plans to stay in the area.

It was raining pretty hard when we reached Whakapapa Village; waited it out a li’l with hopes that the rain would let up but it didn’t. We eventually decided to google on things to do in the vicinity.

The bucket list! But we did none of those things; settled on driving to the National Trout Centre to see some fishes.
On the way to the centre. What a gloomy day.
Paid NZD$15/ pax entrance fee. I’m not big on museums and informative centers so if you’re not interested in fishes and facts, this place isn’t for you.
Continued exploring the outside of the centre.
The gorgeous Tongariro River.
Met a couple of Australians fly fishing!
Dude was so nice to catch a fish for us! We made small talk whilst watching him fish and he said he’d catch one for us.

Drove to our new accommodation – Alpine Motel & Backpackers Lodge – to quickly check-in and keep the fish fresh. Booked the night’s stay only the day before because we only decided then to extend our stay. Our Airbnb spot didn’t have any vacancies so we had to sleep somewhere else.

Our 1 night humble abode. Had the whole hostel to ourselves cause we were the only ones staying there.
We got a pregnant fish!!! What a shock we received when we saw it had so much roe. I felt pretty bad. I did have fun squeezing the roe out though.
Fried it, batter fried it, made soup. Yum!
Didn’t know how to cook the roe so we scrambled eggs and corn with it. Tasted fishy to me though. I didn’t like it.
Aloha, Ohakune! Drove around a bit after dinner. Couldn’t waste the day away being cooped up indoors.

We took a pretty chill and relaxing day, partially cause of the weather.

Next up: Lower Tama Lake Walk in Tongariro National Park!

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Till then!


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