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Rock Sliding in Gisborne! 🇳🇿

Had nothing much planned for Gisborne – we were exhausted from getting up at 3am to be the first to catch the sunrise – but we unexpectedly discovered a cool free thing to do: Rock sliding!

27 October 2015, Tuesday

Rented wetsuits and boogie boards from where we were staying – Waikanae Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park – for only NZ$10! It was supposed to be $30 ($10/ wetsuit, $5/ boogie board) for half a day but the nice lady gave us a sweet deal! Probably cause no one else was renting it.

I’ve got a short video at the bottom so scroll down to take a look at how it’s like!

Ended up taking 45 minutes to reach cause we were lost and didn’t have any reception to use Google maps; follow the signs closely!

We were the only ones there; PSYCHED.
Looked at it and went “uhhhh, I’m not gna slide down 60m of rock from the top. What if I smash my face onto some rocks?!” (I’m scared of heights)

Do people really use mattresses to slide down?! That’d be pretty cool to see. This natural rock slide is part of the Wharekopae River.

All geared up! (Photo: XM)
Whee hoo!
Adrenaline rushhhhhhh. (Photo: XM)
So natural and picturesque.
Gotta be careful when you’re walking on the rocks. It can get pretty mossy and slippery.
Crossing ‘rock slide’ of the list of firsts!
A shot before deciding to leave after spending about an hour waddling around.

Rere Falls

Drove over to Rere Falls to take a look – not the most majestic waterfall but it was still nice to see!

Great spot to swim and picnic at! Snapped a few shots and left soon after. We had a long drive 6++ hour drive to Manunui. (!!!)

20m wide, 5m high.
Such gorgeous weather!
Pity we didn’t see this earlier else we’d swim in it.

Short time in Gisborne but I’d say we made the most of the time we had.

Next up: Exploring Tongariro National Park!!!

Read more about my previous adventures in New Zealand here:

Till then!



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