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Of Vikings and Camping (Melbourne) 🇦🇺

17 October, Saturday

Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for ever since I’ve been in Aussie – camping!!!

Checked out of the apartment and Jacob was so nice to pick up us from our place to attend a frisbee meetup session before we went on our way to the campsite.

Used to play ultimate for a really short while about seven years ago so it was pretty stressful playing with pros! (Photo: XM)
Pho for lunch with Felix, Jacob, Ann, and XM! (Photo: XM)

Nordic Festival @ Warburton

We made a stop at Warburton for a pee stop and to check out the town as well. There was a Nordic Festival going on that day. What luck! But cause we reached around 4pm, we were late and most of the activities had already ended.





Indulging in danish pancakes, tossing on whatever sweet toppings there were – chocolate sauce, caramel, icing sugar, honey. Ooh la la!
One of the guys gave us “viking hats”. Made us blend right in!
Legit vikings. They make their own helmets, chain mail, shields, and damn right they fight each other at nights. IMPRESSIVE.
Fur of animals they’ve hunted. This guy makes his own instruments as well.
Such skills we’ve lost to technology and laziness.
A must-have picture. (Photo: XM)

It was getting late and we had to get on our way to reach the campsite before dark. But before that, we made a stop somewhere along the way and did a quick stop at a forest.

Lost chicken in the forest aka potential dinner (just kidding). (Photo: Ann)
Pretty trees pretty neat. (Photo: Ann)

Peeing in the Woods!!!

We had a bit of dilemma whilst deciding on a campsite cause we were running low on petrol. If we were to head to the nearest town (which was a distance away), it’d be pitch black and we’d have a bit of a struggle setting up the stuff. Decided to settle and out we went into the woods!

Jacob started the fire + warmed up his cuban sandwiches while the rest of us pitched the tents. The sandwiches were deelish!
Ann made banana boats! Banana stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate, nicely heated up beside the fire.
My first feeble attempt at making s’mores! They didn’t sell graham crackers in particular so made do with whatever there was.




Campfire’s burnin’ now, campfire’s burnin’!

Headed to bed around 12++am after teaching the guys how to play Kaboo! We had to be up at 7am the next day to head back to the city cause of work.

Passing on the wonders of Kaboo I learnt from Germans whilst staying on a farm in Thailand. (Photo: Ann)

Ann preempted us that it was gna be cold and I thought I’d be fine with my leggings + shorts+ jeans and thermal + shirt + windbreaker + coat + scarf but NOPE. IT WAS FREEZING AT NIGHT.

I swear the temperature dropped below 10°C at night. I was struggling to sleep cause it was cold and the worst was having to hold my pee in. I didn’t wna get up in case I’d wake the others. But I was so glad when we all were up at 3++am cause that meant I could pee and be at peace!

Us girls were so glad to finally be awake at 6.30am cause the cold was pretty unbearable.

All bundled up. The temperature dropped drastically in the middle of the night!
Making memories; taking selfies. The guys were still asleep.
Our group photo.




Lentils as Anything

Ann and Jacob brought us to this place called Lentil As Anything for breakfast. A sweet spot that’s based on a pay-what-you-deem-fit scheme.

Their food is of standards, tastes fantastic and seems pretty healthy to me! They even have gluten-free and vegan options for some foods. Definitely what I needed after a long cold night.

A unique non-profit organisation. Love the atmosphere and vibe!
FOOD. (Photo: Ann)
Traditional Sri Lankan Dosa – savory crepe filled with masala potato, topped with coconut sambal and Thai coconut sauce. It’s vegan and gluten free!
Semolina Pancakes – Fluffy vanilla pancakes topped with caramel syrup, cinnamon spiced apple and yogurt. They have a vegan option for this.

We had no accommodation booked for this night and I guess it’s perfect timing that my family was in town so we crashed their apartment in St. Kilda. Whoo, free stay!

Aunt cooked an Asian spicy dinner. Free food, nyahahaha.
Sunset at St. Kilda.

SO. This was our second last day in Australia before we flew off to New Zealand the next day. My parents were heading back home to Singapore.

We actually booked our flight tickets to Auckland 12 days before confirming that we should really head to New Zealand. INSANE. Love the way we plan and book things so carefreely!

Next up: Dawdling around Melbourne city + catching up with a German friend I met in Laos + delicious Korean chicken cheese!

Read more about my time in Melbourne:

Till then!



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