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Puffing Billy + Mt Dandenong (Melbourne) 🇦🇺

13 October, Tuesday

After 27 days of working around a tight budget, it was finally time to cut loose a little! We rented a car with Redspot with no prior online reservations or bookings.

The day before (12 Oct), we went around town to search for the cheapest rates. It’s all thanks to a coupon I saw in a tourist booklet when I was at the family’s apartment.

I’ve learnt not to ignore tourists’ guides and the sneaky little coupons they have inside!

It was a 10% off rentals with Redspot and we ended up paying $89/day with full insurance + GPS. Absolutely worth it and we were really pleased that it was fuss-free and efficient!

Short detour down the graffitied alleys before picking up the car.
Our sweet ride for the next 3 days.

Puffing Billy

When you hear of Puffing Billy, think steam train, old school, and absolutely beautiful sceneries.

10am and we left on our adventures to Puffing Billy! Perfect for us since we both like nature and there were quite a few spots to stop and explore.

We bought the Belgrave to Gembrook Open Return ticket for $51.50 each (ouch). We didn’t go all the way to Gembrook cause we feared we wouldn’t have enough time to fully explore and wouldn’t be able to catch the last train back to Belgrave so we stopped at Lakeside instead.




A tourist attraction and Australia’s favorite steamed train, Puffing Billy is one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. One major pull factor that reeled me in was that the train runs through the mountainous region of the Dandenong Ranges. The scenery was really gorgeous.

Map for reference in case we went a-wandering too far. Decided to find the wishing well!
Wandering along the Emerald-Cockatoo Multi-use Trail.








Curious little guy came so near.
Aww, so many ducklings! The father was really protective when other birds started coming over.
On the way back to Belgrave.

We left about 2 hours later to look for Miss Marple’s Tearoom cause a friend of mine told me they sell really good scones but the problem is they close at 4pm!

We were too late cause we had to make an urgent run to Woolworths to grab something to eat. Because of the roadworks and power shortage, a lot of the shops in town were closed and we spent quite a bit of time walking around hunting for proper food.

Skyhigh Mount Dandenong

Saw road signs pointing toward Mount Dandenong and decided to drive up! Paid $6 for entrance fee (we had no idea we had to pay) and went to appreciate the best view in Melbourne.

No pictures of the view cause it was too cloudy, pity.
Fooling around while waiting for XM to complete her business. There were kookaburras sitting in the old gum tree behind me!
Taking the nonsense up a notch.
Aww, our top and bottom are of opposite colors.

Wish we had more time to explore the Dandenong Ranges. We had to leave around 6pm before skies got too dark. I don’t have a driving license so XM has been doing all the driving. Respect!

14 Oct, Wednesday: The day I finally met my Australian friend who I first met in Thailand then travelled together with for a bit in Cambodia!

We spent a day at Hanging Rock, Macedon Ranges. I’ll touch more about it on my next post.

Rocks rocks rocks!

Read more about what I’ve done the previous days in Melbourne here.

Till then!



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