Money Woes

I’m into my 67th day of travelling and I’ve run out of cash slightly before I left Thailand (6 July).

I dare not look at my expenses now for fear of putting me off continuing to travel. A part of me says to go home now. But yet the other egoistic part of me refuses to throw in the towel, and insists on staying as long as I can.

After being on the road for so long, I’ve kind of gotten use to people’s company and sticking to a schedule for a period of time. Now that I’m on my own, it feels like it’s back to square one – staying in dorms, having to mingle, getting out to see the city, walking about on your own, table for one for meals, and the cycle continues.

I’m in Cambodia now and I’m really grateful that there’s a Maybank here. Exchange rates are I guess reasonable, and the best thing is that there is absolutely no withdrawal fee.

I cringed horribly when I was desperate for cash in Thailand and had to succumb to shitty exchange rates and 180baht withdrawal charge. This is why I dislike using ATMs overseas.

Just really glad I’m able to withdraw money for free! Puts my mind at ease a little and I don’t have to lose money unnecessarily.

Not sure how long I’m going to keep going, but I shouldn’t be stubborn and should return home when the time is right.

3 thoughts on “Money Woes

      1. Oh ok, and how long did you think that was going to last. Like did you plan a 6 month trip?


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