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Give me that piece of Pai ðŸ‡¹ðŸ‡­

Hell yeah, I’m at someplace new now! I’ve heard so many fantastic things about Pai – amazing views, hippy place, dope shit waterfalls, etc etc.

But before all that, I just encountered some pretty bad dorm-mates. I wouldn’t exactly use the term bad, they’re just exactly like the bimbo-party girls type (if y’know what I mean). So they were drinking in the room and left pretty late at like 10+pm and left the bottles on the floor and it was sticky with vodka! Absolut gross.

At 2+am, one of the girls came back to the room. & the other two came back at 5+am. Then at 6+am they woke up, packed their bags, yak yak yak, and finally left the room at 8+am. How do I know all this? I was awake to check the time so I can blog about it after.

I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up on time cause my phone was charging and the iPad wouldn’t have any vibration to wake me up if I was dead asleep. Woke up early anyways, cause of all the ruckus.

Checked out, bought 7-11 sandwiches for the 3 hour ride to Pai, and waited. The minivan arrived at 9.38am; it was supposed to reach 9.30am – 10.00am. Now I understand why they give a time frame cause they go around picking others as well.

The van was packed! There were 12 passengers and not enough space to put all the backpacks. We ended up putting them in the narrow aisle between the seats.

The ride was crazy! I eventually fell asleep after intensely staring out the window, in awe of the sights. But because the road was so bendy and windy – I just Googled and the 80 mile long journey has 762 hairpin curves, that’s insane!!! – I had to wake up to stare out the window before I was going to hurl my breakfast.

We were dropped off at the Terminal Green and I was a bit confused, like where am I! This isn’t the bus station. I remember how the bus station looks like from last year. Called Thom at 1.32pm and she told me to head over to their office for the pick-up.

Lady at the office told me to come back at 2.00pm so I grabbed lunch at a random cheap-looking place. No restaurants for me, low budget.

Ordered a Chicken Khao Soi. It was good, especially cause I was hungry. Once again, it’s like curry noodles with chicken. He serves Chicken Briyani too. I was surprised cause I thought it’s a Malay dish; didn’t expect Thailand to have it.

Chicken Khao Soi.
Chicken Khao Soi.

Went back to the office and waited for a ride. Hopped on a truck with three other British tourists going on the tour. So many Brits everywhere! Interesting though. I thought I’d meet more Americans than any other nationalities. I’ve only met three so far.

It’s not even officially day one of my volunteering stint yet and I’m already loving it.

I’ve gotten up close and personal with elephants, learnt elephant commands, made new friends (four Germans, one French, a few Thai), eat dinner proper with other people, tried homemade wine (it was really good! i actually like it which is rare coming from me considering i hate drinking), tried something new today (wiggles eyebrows), soak in a hot tub with water from natural hot springs. & I need to be up by 5.55am tomorrow to help bring the elephants into the camp.

Meet Ot! The friendliest of the three.
Meet Ot! The friendliest of the three.
Puppy Sandra apparently likes to eat elephant poo.
Puppy Sandra apparently likes to eat elephant poo.
Walking the elephants back to the mountains to let them feed and sleep. They only sleep for five hours!
Walking the elephants back to the mountains to let them feed and sleep. They only sleep for five hours!
Happy ele!
Happy ele!

I’ll do a proper post of where I’m at and the whole experience when I’m done. For now, it shall remain partially secretive.

Right now I’m just psyched to be in Pai!

50 – 2 sandwiches
50 – chicken khao soi
8000 – 2 weeks’ accomodation and meals
Total: 8100baht (~333.30SGD)

I need to hit the sack now!!!



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