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Life Begins at 21

Posted 2 years ago as well. I’m now 23.

A close friend of mine gave me a travel journal and for the year 2012, life as a 20-year-old saw me completing seven content-worthy entries.


I went to:


Genting Highlands, Malaysia (February)
Bali, Indonesia (March)
Batam, Indonesia (April)
Tioman, Malaysia (June)
Pulau Aur, Malaysia (July)
Tioman, Malaysia (September)
Switzerland – Paris – Dubai (December)


There’s 46 more pages to fill and I gave myself a goal – to complete the book by 2017. Or at least have 50 entries so that it’ll be an accomplishment for myself before I cross the 25-year-old mark. I have a good five years to achieve my goal. (Being a December baby does have its perks)


This year, I’ll be heading to Bangkok, Thailand, in January.


If time permits, I will be FINALLY going to Maldives! (!!!) I’m not excited about it yet because no plans have been made and I really have to work out my schedule to see when the family can finally fly over. Maldives has always been a dream place to visit plus I’ve gotten my diving license so fingers crossed that Maldives will happen and be brilliant!


I could also be possibly going to China but in all honesty I’m not a big fan of that country. I might be giving it a miss, or I might not. Going with the family means that I don’t have to fork out the money which means more savings for other future trips!


In order to reach my goal, I’ll need to travel out at least ten times a year. Driving in and out of Malaysia many times does not count.


There’s so many places that I want to go and I can’t decide which is priority. We’ll see. I’ll have to consult my bank account before I make any decisions.


Happy New Year, everyone! I welcome 2013 with open arms, with hopes beliefs of it being a more interesting, eventful, and travel-ful year.

& now I’m on the road again. I’m going to be chalking up quite a few entries.

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