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I’ve Survived Day 1 🇹🇭

Date: 7 May 2015, Thursday

Good morning! (Trying to be bright and posititve here)

Touched down yesterday around 1.30pm and reached At Baan Khun Hostel around 2.30pm. Got a shock of my life when I saw so many people. I thought the rooms were empty! Felt a little anxiety, cause y’know introvert over here.

Hung around a bit before I decided to grab some food and walk around. I was emotionally tired but I needed to eat. Ate at Blue Mango Bar & Restaurant, had pork pad thai. It was not good. ): There was a fishy smell to it but I finished it anyways. Didn’t want to be disrespectful and I needed the food.

Decided to check out Nong Buak Hard Park to see if I could get some exercise there. The heat was, and I still believe is, insane!

Reached the park in 15mins (it felt so damned long). Sat there for awhile just admiring the views and people feeding pigeons. There were so many of them! The birds I mean, and they were so white and pretty!

Walked back at 3.56pm and decided to go back to the hostel. I needed wifi to check my Facebook messages. Sigh, I don’t want to talk about that yet.

Went back to the hostel, talked a little to the people there. There’s 5 girls, and 3 guys in the room total.

Skipped dinner, drank lots of water, ate my berries mix, washed up, and surfed Imgur. I tell you the room was so hot and humid cause there was only a fan!

I was sweating in my sleep. Partial way through, I felt cold air!!! Thank goodness someone had the air con switched on – SAVIOUR!!!

150 – taxi ride from airport
465 – 3 night stay at hostel
80 – pork pad thai
14 – 1l water
80 – 1.5l water, moisturizer

Total: 789baht (~32.50SGD)

So it’s 9.24am now, deciding what I should do. I should go poop, wash up, and leave around 1030am? I’ll go ask downstairs if they have room for one more night and check out the Chiang Rai bus ticket.

Gotta go poop now.

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