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Date: 12 May 2014, Tuesday

Day… 6. I remembered.

Woke up around 9am today cause I’ve been holding my bladder for 12 hours and my stomach decided that it needed to poop.

Did my laundry – yay to fresh new clothes! I had to wear my bikini top so I could wash my bra. Thank goodness I brought it along.

Hung around the lounge for about an hour to wait for my clothes to be done. Snacked on my nutri soybeans from Oh Goodies! Glad I brought them along. Hung the clothes on the rack and headed out, in the heat.

Decided to explore down South today – to Central Plaza Chiang Rai. It’s about 2.3km away and it took me a 30mins stroll before I discovered it.

The road to riches CentralPlaza.
The road to riches CentralPlaza.

Yay to aircon! It was the same mall-brand as the one I went in Trang this year. Saw Auntie Anne’s and decided to grab a pretzel. I needed food. Decided against the combo cause I didn’t need a liquid-calories-lemonade. I had my trusty water bottle.

Walked round the mall, found the cinema. Wanted to catch a show but they were only showing 4 shows – Postcard from Nowhere, Avengers, Fast and Furious 7, and King something something. Not interested, and watched before.

Had lunch instead! Food > anything else. Grabbed a omelette rice + thai green chicken curry soup and sat at the Food Park for around an hour; just readin’ and chillin’, mainly trying to kill time.

What to eat... what to eat...
What to eat… what to eat… Wow I didn’t even know my picture was so bad. Oops. 
Food prep area.
Food prep area.
Omelette rice + thai chicken green curry.
Omelette rice + thai chicken green curry.

Continued exploring around 1++pm and found the supermarket, an atas one. i love grocery shopping. I love staring at the interesting items foreign markets carry. Noticed a Big C supercentre sign nearby so I withheld my purchases.

Oh! Saw Dairy Queen and decided to have it for tea. Continued walking on and I saw Doi Chaang Coffee! Decisions, decisions. I rationalised and decided that I could only make one purchase. Continuing…

Walked over to Big C, after having a li’l issue trying to locate it.

Beautiful design of an overhead bridge.
Beautiful design of an overhead bridge.


There! About 5 - 7mins walk from CentralPlaza.
There! About 5 – 7mins walk from CentralPlaza.

Zoomed straight away to the hypermarket and grabbed some ‘necessities’ – granola bars, Ritz crackers and perfume for the clothes.

Headed back to CP cause it was cooooooffeeeee time!!! Stared at the menu of Doi Chaang and decided on an iced doi chaang. No idea what type of coffee it is but if Triposo recommends the place, and you don’t know what coffee to get, get the coffee that sounds like the shop’s name.

The Iced Doi Chaang.
The Iced Doi Chaang.

Sat and rested awhile, whatsapped the friends, and started on my 30min back to the town center. Reached back the hostel around 4.40pm.

Just chillin', and enjoying the wifi.
Just chillin’, and enjoying the wifi.

Left the hostel around 6.40pm cause the stomach was growling. Headed over the the night bazaar’s food area which I saw yesterday. Pretty cool! They sell similar stuff – western fried food for the tourists, local food, and the more popular seafood and hot pots.

Open air food center at the night bazaar
Open-air food center at the night bazaar.

Walked around and randomly decided on a food stall. Ordered a small beef hotpot; it was really cheap! Plus I’d get my dosage of veggie nutrients from it.

Lady asked if I take spicy and I eager-happily said yes! Boy, was I in for a treat. It was really spicy! I was sweating while eating and had to take a break cause I was starting to get stuffed.

Hot pot for one please.
Hot pot for one please.

Finished my dinner around 7.45pm, decided to leave and see if I could catch the Clock Tower show. Stopped at Tesco Lotus Express before that to see if I could find the huge gallon of water so I could save a bit of costs on the 1.5l bottled water. & yes, they have it! Grabbed the 6l ‘bottle’ and some yoghurt for breakfast. My breakfast is settled! No need to head out the hostel so early.

Meet my friend Nestle 6L. She and I will part soon.
Meet my friend Nestle 6L. She and I will part soon.

Didn’t think I’d be able to catch the light show so I’m saving that for tomorrow. 2 full days left here anyways.

30 – laundry
32 – sour cream pretzel
55 – rice omelette + thai green curry
117 – ritz crackers, granola bars, perfume
75 – iced doi chaang
70 – small beef hotpot
88 – 6l water, yoghurt
Total: 467baht (~19.20SGD)

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