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Day 3 – Saturday Walking Street Market 🇹🇭

Date: 9 May 2015, Saturday

Decided to do a bit of exploring and used Triposo to find interesting food to eat. Found a bagel house and decided to walk there!

I think I walked around 1.5km (cause I forgot to turn at a road) and just when I was thinking of turning back, I saw the Bagel House cafe!

Ordered a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese + 2 scrambled eggs. Yum, brunch! Letting my body eat a bit more. It needs it.

BAAAAGEL!!! I love bagels despite them being so hard. They are nothing without cream cheese.
I LOVE BAGELS. I had to pay 20baht just to get cream cheese, whaaaat! It came with butter/ jelly. Bagels are nothing without cream cheese.

Felt bad for sitting there so long so I decided to order a hot jasmine green tea. Used the wifi and Thom’s Elephant replied! It’s set! A week from now I’ll be volunteering at the camp. Psyched; can’t wait!!!

Just when I decided to leave, it started drizzling. Took shelter at a book store and pretended to be interested. Bought more water, went back to the hostel to rest. The 2 british roommates were inside, again haha.

Rain. At least it wasn't a thunderstorm and I was stranded. At least it wasn't so hot after. Still hot, but not as hot.
Rain. At least it wasn’t a thunderstorm and I was stranded. At least it wasn’t so hot after. Still hot, but not as hot.

Left around 5.40pm and stopped at the stalls at Tha Pae gate for some snacks. I was getting pretty hungry. Bought a stick of mushroom and squid and then… I think I saw J. The back and side view looked awfully like him, his build, and the way he walks. Didn’t dare confirm it cause it would open a can of worms. Did not need to deal with the questions.

Hooray for street food! I particularly like the squids at the food stalls.
Hooray for street food! I particularly like the squids at the food stalls.

Walked to Wualai road to see the Wualai Saturday Walking Street. It’s my 5th time here and I FINALLY get to see it! (Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Sunday Walking Street!!!)

The start of Wualai Walking Street (Saturday Market).
The start of Wualai Walking Street (Saturday Market).

Zoomed straight to the food stalls, walked up and down the street and walked to the Night Bazaar. My nose was irritating me all the way. Think it was cause my hands weren’t clean. I tried to pick it to clear the boogers but it didn’t work. ):

I had 2 sticks of pork (japanese sauce, pork pizza flavor), passionfruit juice, banana chocolate waffle. Woah, just nice! I spent 100baht at both markets. No pictures, sorry. I was too busy devouring whatever was in my hands.

Didn’t spend a thing at the Night Bazaar; didn’t need to. Sat down at Kalare Night Bazaar to rest. I had been walking for about 2 hours and was tired.

Left about 8.20pm, saw the roommates again, and finally decided to go back.

I’m the first back in my room again. Where do all these people go?! Those who are with a friend, I understand. But where does the Asian girl go hang out for the whole day?! Plus her backpack’s real small compared to mine.

25 – sandwich
100 – bagel w cream cheese + scrambled eggs
40 – hot jasmine green tea
26 – 1.5l water x 2
21 – postcard + stamp
10 – mushroom stick
30 – squid stick
20 – 2 pork sticks
15 – passionfruit juice
25 – banana chocolate waffle
Total: 312baht (~12.80SGD)

Distance walked:
Hostel to Bagel House: 1.5km
Bagel House to Hostel: 1.5km
Hostel to Wualai Saturday Market: 1.6km
Wualai Saturday Market: 2km (up and down)
Wualai to Night Bazaar: 1.8km
Night Bazaar to Hostel: 1km
Total: 9.4km

Bless my soul. My legs better be hot and sexy after this.

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