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Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai! 🇹🇭

Date: 11 May 2015, Monday

Day 5.

Had to count which day I’m at already; slowly losing track.

So. Woke up early cause I think subconsciously I was anxious to get out and go to Chiang Rai. Reached the bus terminal early and had some Thai 菜饭 breakfast.

Fried rice, basil chicken, egg + my VIP bus ticket.
Fried rice, basil chicken, egg + my VIP bus ticket.
Here comes the ride.
Here comes the ride.

Boarded the VIP bus for a 2hr 50min ride. Walked from the bus stop to the hostel, with the help of Google maps. It’s less than 1km away.

Staying at Mercy Hostel and the place is really neat! It’s huge, has a kitchen, courtyard seats, laundry area, separate shower areas for male and female, and a pool!

Big and spacious!
Big and spacious!

The beds have like a separation so people can’t see your face when you sleep. I really like it here! Extended a night’s stay; a bit regretting it cause there’s nothing much to do here BUT the hostel is a good place to hang!

Met a 22 year old girl from London, walked around abit and had dinner with her.

Famous golden shiny Clock Tower, serving as a roundabout. Not very shiny here.

We ate at Chicken Bar and had good food which was reasonably priced! The restaurants nearby were all pretty expensive.

After that I walked around, to the bus station to buy the ticket back to Chiang Mai, and night bazaar. Decided to buy the 1st class ticket instead of the VIP one. Difference is 100baht; didn’t need the space and luxury for a 3hr 15mins ride. The VIP bus will take about 2hr 50mins.

The night bazaar near the bus terminal. It's a much smaller scale compared to Chiang Mai. I have no complaints; to each his own.
The night bazaar near the bus terminal. It’s a much smaller scale compared to Chiang Mai. I have no complaints as long as there is food.

Didn’t want to walk around much since I have so many days here…

50 – song taew ride
50 – breakfast
707 – 4 nights’ stay
60 – pork pad thai
180 – bus to chiang mai
Total: 1047baht (~43SGD)

Going to coop myself in the corner and watch shows.

Update: The reason why this post was so short was cause I was eavesdropping listening in on a conversation in the room. There were three American Mormons and they were talking about the religion. It was actually quite interesting! There were some pretty cool insights. & I also forgot to do my expenses as well.

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